:: 24 August 11 ::

Long time since any updates. Too long, I think. I completed the gig at Purple Media a long while ago (since March last year, infact). Which I have since then began working at Ragdoll Worldwide on a kids television series just recently announced and set to air on BBC this fall, called The Adventures of Abney and Teal. Currently, I'm working to cut a new reel (which seriously needs an update).
It feels like a good time for some fresh changes. Please contact for availability details.

:: 13 September 09 ::

Hrrrm....lots of stuff. Sorry for lack of updates and even bigger appologies to those who have been trying to get in touch with me with little avail. I've moved (heh, again) and it took like forever for the various utilitiy companies to get me back online. Finally though, I'm back in action.

I've since recently started at Purple Media and there are quite a few projects on the horizon.
Experimented with motion graphics and kicked out a quick demo in 2.5 day turnaround time to get the job. I'll have that posted in the video section under the "other projects" tab.

Vodafone Ad Concept

:: 15 July 09 ::

Production wrapped up on the HP competition piece last week; if anything, it was nice to feel serious crunch time again...been a while for that. Hopefully I'll be able to put up some playblasts from that project soon.
In the meantime, I've since offered up some time and services onboard another little project:
"Devils, Angels, and Dating" by Michael Cawood.

During the course of production prior to the fun part (principle animation), I'll be helping out with random pipeline goodness.

:: 26 June 09 ::

Added some new stuff in the WIPs section.

:: 25 June 09 ::

Slated on a week long intense production for HP ad competition
working with King Bee Animation Company.
I'll be kicking out shots and assisting the pipeline. =)

A new modeller has been added to the links section: Tony Vogel III.
Check him out; he's an up and comming Full Sail grad like myself.

:: 14 June 09 ::

Updates, updates, updates.
Resume, demo reel, and breakdown sheet are all updated and online.
Ninjas kidnapped my family. Need a job to afford kung fu lessons.

:: 27 May 09 ::

Arrrgh computer blew up last week (for the third time since January). Finally got it fixed. Nose is back on the grindstone.

:: 15 May 09 ::

The Legendary Larry Santaw now has a webspace. He has some good intellectual and inspirational content to include a few simple scripts.
The link has been added in links list.

:: 13 May 09 ::

Today I began working on a new project -- animated short called "Mouse's Tale" created by Nick Losq.  The biggest bonus is some very much needed experience boost, which means I'm getting to work with some extremely talented people on a really fun project again!

Shameless plug of the day: If anyone knows of someone needing an animator in the UK, I'm looking for some gainful employment out here.

:: 11 May 09 ::

Allrighty...just got back from honeymoon this past Wednesday, and now I'm once again, hard at work, looking for work [lol]. Demo reel is being updated (and nearly done), and so I will soon finally have some fresh content on this website...because it really needs it heh...because I think cobwebs are starting to grow on this page.

::18 March 09 ::

Been a while since any updates, but here's the recap....
- I've since moved to the UK and dealing with the embassies has been a nightmare...
- My New Years Resolution is to start getting myself more involved in the animation community. Specifically speaking, I'm going to try my hand at making a free rig (one that will actually work) and start doing the 11 second club challenges -- PROMISE!
- I Got married!! Wooohooo!! Couldn't ask for a sunnier day. Everything turned out great. Leaving for honeymoon mid April =) Upon my return, I shall be getting myself back into the groove of things!

:: 13 August 08 ::

Been busy, which means not a lot of time for updating the site. Still, I will try to make more effort in the future. I've since finished a small internship with Shilo, and am now looking for some more work. I went to SIGGRAPH yesterday, and to say the least, it was the most amazing event I've ever been to. I've made a few small updates on the site, nothing big...but I hope to be able to put up more soon.

:: 07 May 08 ::

Another update with site: art gallery now functioning and demo reel is now added with breakdown sheet accessible. The forums are still in progress (unfortunately), but is to be 100% soon.

:: 05 April 08 ::

Site updated with Blogroll and Wip linkage working. Installed phpBB, as I will be upgrading from IceBB to phpBB, therefore, currently registered users may have to re-register, unfortunately...and all posts may be lost (althought I'm trying to figure out how to migrate across the boards. Currently, it's not proven to be an easy task. Finally gallery system is installed, and being coded for the page. So expect a gallery to be available soon. Demo reels due tomorrow...*sigh*

:: 28 Mar 08 ::

Update: Low Quality Demo Reel Added
More to come still.

:: 23 Mar 08 ::

Animationspot is online!


:: name ::
Charles 'Ko' C. Lin

:: title ::
& Maya Generalist

:: email ::

:: linked In profile ::

:: telephone ::
+44 01296392532 (UK)
+1 334 239 0713 (USA)

:: AIM Screename ::

:: current location ::
Aylesbury, UK

:: tools of the trade ::
Autodesk Maya
Sony Vegas
Corel Painter

:: other proficiencies ::
Ulead PhotoImpact
Ulead DVD Moviefactory
Sony ACID Pro
Windows 3x - Vista
Linux / UNIX

:: personal interests ::
Casual Surfing
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Resnaissance Artists
Sci-Fi Flicks
Period Films
Epic Mythology



:: About Me ::
Like many high school grads, I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself, so I took the time one afternoon to reflect on all the things I dreamed of becomming when I was younger, and two things stood out -- I wanted to serve my country, and I wanted to be an animator.

So I began with the first one; I joined the United States Air Force, and like a sponge, I eagerly acquired every ounce of experience I could get.  Within 3 years of service, I quickly rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant.  After 2 tours into Iraq and 6 adventure-packed years of service, I decided to take up school, full time, in order to persue the second dream.

I graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL with a Bachelors degree in Computer Animation on April 11th, 2008.  

I have since embarked on a new voyage to fullfill my second childhood dream -- in search of new opportunities to put my vast history and experience to good use as an artist and develop further as an individual who is a part of a talented and welcomming team.

:: Education Info ::
Daleville High School
Community College of USAF - Transportation / Business Management
Burlington County College - Courses in traditional art and Art History
Full Sail University - Bachelors of Science in Animation


Here are some rigs I highly recommend:

Alfred Rig
by Rodri Torres

Andy Rig
by John Doublestein

Monkey Rig
by Wade Ryer

Great Dane and Package Man Rigs
by Javier Solsona (a.k.a. Goosh)

3dFiggins Rigsets
by Kiel Figgins, Stev Kalinowski, Kyle Wood, Jason Gill, and other talented artists..
(full credits on directed page)